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Reading at home with your child

Reading at home with your child


At Barlborough Primary School, our dedication to instilling a love for reading is evident in our carefully planned lessons, held in various settings such as Phonics lessons, whole-class reading sessions, and 1-1 reading time. This commitment, designed to be challenging, enjoyable, and skill-enhancing, seamlessly integrates across a broad range of curricular subjects.

High-quality class texts are thoughtfully chosen to enrich vocabulary, woven into cross-curricular connections, creating a meaningful and engaging reading experience.

Going above and beyond the curriculum, Barlborough Primary School believes in sharing books to nurture curiosity and enthusiasm for reading, ensuring access to high-quality, thoughtfully chosen texts for all pupils. Daily story times provide students with the opportunity to unwind and relish being read to, prioritising the joy and pleasure that reading brings to their educational journey.

Reading books matched to your child's Twinkl Phonics level or Lexile level will be sent home and changed regularly to allow you to share books at home with your child.

Our reading curriculum aligns with the Reading National Curriculum, extending beyond to cultivate a love of reading and a genuine passion for reading for pleasure..



  • Establish a Routine: Set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Whether it's before bedtime or after school, a routine creates a reading habit.
  • Create a Comfortable Reading Environment: Make sure the reading space is quiet, well-lit, and free from distractions. A comfortable environment enhances the reading experience.
  • Lead by Example: Demonstrate a love for reading by letting your child see you enjoying a book.
  • Discuss the Book: Engage in conversations about the story. Ask open-ended questions to encourage critical thinking and comprehension.
  • Encourage Book Choices: Allow your child to pick books or reading materials that interest them. This fosters a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for reading.
  • Use Different Voices: When reading dialogues or characters' lines, use different voices. It adds fun and makes the story more engaging.
  • Explore Various Reading Materials: Beyond storybooks, explore magazines, comics, or even non-fiction materials.
  • Practice Patience: If your child struggles with a word, be patient. Encourage them to sound it out or help when needed. Celebrate small victories.
  • Visit the Library: Make regular trips to the library. It's a great way to discover new books and instil a sense of excitement about reading.
  • Integrate Reading into Daily Life: Connect reading to everyday activities. Whether it's following a recipe, reading street signs, or game instructions, reading is everywhere.
  • Utilise Technology: Explore educational apps and online resources that promote reading skills. Just ensure screen time is balanced.
  • Celebrate Progress: Acknowledge and celebrate your child's reading milestones. Positive reinforcement encourages continued effort.
  • Read to your child: Reading to your child will encourage their love of books and passion for reading.
  • Record it:Record in your child’s reading record when they have read at home, this gives a sense of achievement and also helps them to earn class rewards!

    In Key Stage 1, we've introduced the 'Must Reads' incentive to broaden and challenge children's reading choices at home, exposing them to unfamiliar yet wonderful books rich with amazing stories, characters, and ideas. This initiative aims to deepen their enjoyment of reading by introducing them to diverse texts. Books listed below are also available in our school library.

Remember, the goal is to make reading a joyful and shared experience. Tailor these tips to your child's preferences and watch the love for reading flourish

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