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Statement of Intent

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is a crucial part of a child’s education. It gives children access to critical information about themselves and the many facets of the diverse world around them.

At Barlborough Primary School we provide a specifically tailored curriculum that is both broad and balanced and meets the context of our school. We give pupils access to big ideas and conversations, alongside practical experiences.

We aim to promote children’s knowledge, self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and resilience, and to help them to form and maintain worthwhile and positive relationships. Children will be taught to have respect for themselves, and for others, within our local, national, and global communities. We aim to develop key character skills, including decision making, informed risk taking, good communication, and self-regulation strategies.

We encourage the exploration of, and respect for, values held by different cultures and groups, and promote the development of positive attitudes. We encourage honesty and respect in all relationships, and nurture sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others.

We aim to enable children to develop a deepening knowledge of their health and wellbeing, including their mental and physical health. We aim to equip children and young people with information, skills and values to understand and to be able to cope with the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty. The information provided will be relevant and appropriate to the age and maturity of pupils.

British Values and Citizenship are paramount in our school and within our PSHEE curriculum. We are committed to teaching children about British Values and about the importance of their place in society. British Values themes and aspects of Citizenship are integrated into our scheme of work for PSHEE using our school ‘Passport’ system and many other areas of the curriculum as well. Pupils learn to understand and respect our common humanity; diversity and differences so that they can go on to form the effective, fulfilling relationships that are an essential part of life in modern Britain and learning.

At Barlborough we aim to prepare pupils adequately for adult life: its decisions, responsibilities, experiences and opportunities, and to allow pupils to develop fully as emotional mature human beings.



PSHE education will be provided to all children within our school. Children with SEND will be supported to access health, relationships and sex education through high-quality, teacher-led quality first teaching, following the guidance of the SEND code of practice. Teaching will be differentiated and personalised to suit their individual context.

PSHE education will be taught on a weekly discrete basis, with some content also being taught through other subject areas, and within other contexts, such as assemblies, ‘circle time’ or ‘class discussions’. A taught session may look very different in one year group to the next - class teachers have discretion to plan and deliver teaching that suits the individual needs of their class, whilst ensuring that all curriculum content is covered effectively. There is no expectation that children complete formal written recording of teaching, although use of ‘How well can I .. objectives’ is encouraged.

Each class has a floor book, a space to capture their learning and understanding around their unit of work. These are a vital tool in capturing the implementation of the curriculum, and the learning journey of the children. They are also a highly effective tool as part of the PSHE teach, as floor books can be used to support retrieval practice over the course of a year. Additionally, classes may be encouraged to make an artistic response, or complete a more traditional written task. Some lessons may be talk based and have no written outcome at all.

Assessment is essential to the effective teaching of PSHE. The learning we wish to assess will relate to the pupils’ attributes and skills, as well as their knowledge and understanding related to the topic. Pupils’ existing knowledge and understanding is often the easiest learning to assess but whilst gauging pupils’ existing skills, strategies, attitudes, beliefs and attributes can never be an exact science. Assessment may be carried out baseline and endline assessments at the start and end of lessons, and also at the start and end of units.



The impact of a good PSHE education cannot be understated. Quite simply, it forms the preparation for adult life, enabling a child to understand and face the challenges, complexities and questions that arise in a diverse world. Impact can be measured in a variety of ways. At Barlborough, we recognise and celebrate the importance of the individual experience of PSHE education. Work in books and lessons captured via floor books, will form the heart of how we measure the impact of our teaching.

Assessment in PSHE is active and participatory helping children to recognise the progress they are making in developing skills and taking part, as well as in their knowledge and understanding. Opportunities are created for individuals and groups to be acknowledged, recognised, noticed and praised. Children use the baseline and summative activities to note their progress through a particular unit and in KS2 rank their learning over the unit making notes of things they learned and have improved.

Pupils learn how to reflect on their experiences, ask questions, make judgements and where appropriate set personal targets. School staff and pupils should be involved in monitoring and assessing learning and use a class book to demonstrate the learning and more practical aspects in this subject.

Our school’s ‘Passport’ system allows children and staff to evaluate their skills and attitudes within crucial aspects of the PSHEE curriculum, with particular emphasis on British Values and Citizenship.

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During their time at Barlborough Primary School all pupils need to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills across all curriculum areas.  To ensure that learning is targeted at the appropriate challenge level, progression grids are used.
Please find the PSHE progression grid below.


Please find the Intent, Implementation and Impact statement for PSHE below.

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