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Physical Education

Physical Education

Curriculum Intent for PE: What we are trying to achieve with our PE curriculum.

  • All pupils will take part in physical activity for sustained periods of time; improving fitness levels.
  • Pupils will develop a love of physical activity that will be carried into adulthood.
  • Pupils will develop an understanding of a healthy life-style, making connections between physical health and a healthy mind with the vision that children will continue to adopt a healthy lifestyle into their adult life
  • PE lessons will be fully inclusive, enabling all pupils to develop competence to progress in a broad range of physical activities
  • Lessons will be planned to cover to a wide-range of physical activities so pupils can apply and develop their knowledge, skills and understanding across a range of sports.
  • Lessons will be planned so they provide opportunities for pupils to communicate, collaborate and compete against others and themselves.
  • Lessons will provide opportunities to compare and evaluate their own performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best
  • Lessons will build on skills taught in previous lessons and year groups through a spiral curriculum.
  • All pupils will be given the opportunity to learn how to swim confidently in all 3 strokes over 25m metres and perform safe self-rescue before they leave us.
  • Pupils will have the confidence and skills necessary to compete at inter and intra school levels.
  • Sport, fitness and physical activity will hold a high profile throughout the whole school community.
  • A range of after school sports clubs will be offered in addition to planned PE lesson time.


Implementation: How do we deliver the PE curriculum?

  • Classes receive two PE lessons each week.
  • 30 minutes Active time is planned into each day. This will be through Active Learning (that is carried out within other curriculum areas) or through organised Playtime / Lunchtime activities.
  • PE lessons are fully inclusive with all pupils active and engaged throughout the lesson.
  • PE lessons are delivered either by the class teacher (following the REAL PE Scheme of Work, for at least one lesson) or a specialist coach.
  • EYFS and Key Stage 1 lessons will focus on the development of fundamental movements through multi-skill lessons. Pupils are set individual and group tasks in order to develop additional skills such as team work, communication and leadership.
  • Key Stage 2 planning will focus on revisiting and building on the knowledge, skills and techniques acquired in key stage 1 and applying them across a large variety of sports.
  • Staff follow a well-planned, progressive, spiral curriculum; that ensures skills are developed through a range of topics: dance, games (invasion, net, wall, striking and fielding), gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activity, swimming and athletics.
  • The PE scheme of work progressively builds on key knowledge, skills and techniques. Pupils will be taught how to develop flexibility, strength, technique, control, agility, co-ordination and balance. They will be helped to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching and then given the opportunity to apply these in a range of activities.
  • Children will be given the opportunity within lessons to work independently and within teams in both competitive and non-competitive situations.
  • All pupils are given the opportunity to represent the school in a sporting event at inter-school level (competitions and festivals)
  • We maintain close links with local clubs and coaches and direct pupil towards them.
  • We offer a range of after-school sports clubs that cover a range of sports so that there is something for everyone.
  • Health and fitness is promoted throughout school. Staff dress appropriately, displays promote physical activity. out of school achievements are celebrated, guests are invited in to speak to the pupils and pupils are encouraged to be as active as possible throughout the school day.
  • We work closely alongside the other Bolsover Schools to provide our pupils with as many sporting opportunities as possible.
  • The use of sports funding is planned for carefully so that all pupils benefit and it has a positive impact across the school.


Impact: What difference is the curriculum making to our pupils.

The data gathered (July 2022) shows that our pupils:

  • understand the benefits of exercise on both physical and mental health.
  • Physical development

End of Key Stage One: 96% of pupils at the expected levels of attainment in PE.

End of Key Stage Two; 100% of pupils secured expected levels of attainment with 38% achieved secure plus or greater.

  • discussions by the coordinator with children in both key stages show that 100% of children enjoy PE in school and say it helps them stay healthy.
  • have developed flexibility, strength, technique, control, agility, co-ordination and balance. They have mastered basic movements including; running, jumping, throwing and catching and are able to apply these to a range of sports.
  • have increased self-esteem through representing the school in competitions and festivals involving other schools.
  • 91% of pupils leave us able to swim 25 metres and 96% able to demonstrate safe self-rescue.


We measure impact by the use of lesson observations, questionnaires home, coordinator focus group chats.

The outcome of this work forms a basis for the coming years action plans, Sports funding spend and evaluation of impact.


During their time at Barlborough Primary School all pupils need to develop a broad range of knowledge and skills across all curriculum areas.  To ensure that learning is targeted at the appropriate challenge level, progression grids are used.
Please find the PE progression grid below. 


Please find the Intent, Implementation and Impact statement for PE below.

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