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Barlborough Primary School offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum designed to ignite a passion for learning among our students and foster positive attitudes towards learning. Our curriculum uses topics to cultivate aspirations, guiding children to a world beyond their immediate surroundings. This enables our learners to lead fulfilling lives, both physically and mentally, while striving to achieve their utmost potential. With a keen emphasis on progressive skill development across all subjects, our curriculum ensures students are well-prepared for their academic journey ahead.


At Barlborough Primary School, we prioritise the retention of key facts and the progressive development of skills. Our commitment to the physical well-being and mental health of our students is embedded throughout our curriculum. Our students embrace a vibrant community spirit, fostered by curriculum links to our local area.


Tailored to challenge the most able students, our curriculum provides varied learning opportunities to expand their skills and knowledge. For those facing learning challenges, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), targeted support is offered to embed skills and encourage individual-paced development. We believe in providing enriching experiences that create lasting memories for our students.


Barlborough Primary School's ethos, coupled with our curriculum, promotes achievement, confidence, and positive behaviour. Through Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education and school-wide assemblies, we instil attitudes reflecting the values and skills essential for lifelong success. We take pride in nurturing students who leave Barlborough Primary School with a profound sense of belonging, equipped with the confidence and skills necessary for lifelong learning.


"Leaders and staff have devised a topic-based approach across all subjects. Their ambition
is for pupils to gain a rich store of knowledge as they progress through the school." Ofsted September 2019



Curriculum Overviews

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