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Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing introduction


 The SMILERS project is an approach that has been developed to support the wellbeing of the whole school community.  We are spelling the word 'SMILERS' as part of the Anti-bullying award. Each letter has an activity associated with it.


S - Stay Connected

 To start off Children’s Mental Health Week, today’s assembly was all about introducing our whole school approach to Wellbeing called Smilers. The Anti Bullying and Anti Stigma Ambassadors helped Miss Edwards and Mrs Bartley explain what’s it means. Each letter represents a way in which you can help your mental wellbeing. Today we looked at the letter S - stay connected. We would like our school community to get involved as much as possible and therefore with each letter we will set a challenge. Over the next 2 weeks we have asked the children to connect with someone they haven’t spoken to for a while. This could be a phone call, video call or going to see someone. Check in on them, ask how they are, what have been up to? We would love to hear how your children have being connecting with friends and family.
The next challenge will be set over half term and the Ambassadors can’t wait!
Thank you for all of your support in making our school having a good approach to wellbeing.

Mrs Edwards

M - Move

As promised, here is our next Smilers challenge, Move.
Click on the link above and learn how to do a funky hand move. Post a video of yourself doing the move onto your class dojo page and earn yourselves some extra dojo points.
We can’t wait to see your funky hand dance!
Thank you to everyone who shared their ‘stay connected’ comments. It was lovely to read how the children were connecting with friends and family.
Miss Edwards and Mrs Bartley

I - Interest

 Today in assembly, our Ambassadors have introduced the next letter challenge which is I for Interest. They have set 4 different levels of clapping challenges for the children and staff to practise. All the children were really involved and had lots of fun. At the end of the week we will see who has improved the most, so get practising everyone, there are extra dojo points up for grabs!
If you want a reminder of how to do some of the challenges please see the videos. Good luck

L - Look

 This afternoon we completed our next Smilers challenge, L for Look. All the children took part in an eggciting number Easter hunt. Hidden around the school were 20 numbers and a golden egg with a message on. The children had to find all of the numbers to receive 10 class reward points and for an extra 5 points they had to find the hidden egg. The children had a great time running about and were all observant enough to realise that some of the numbers were missing.
Well done everyone for taking part and thank you to our fantastic ambassadors for coming up with the idea.

E - Eat Well

The latest Smilers challenge set by our ambassadors was for each class to come up with as many different types of fruit and vegetables with each letter of the alphabet. 1 point was awarded for every food that nobody else had thought of. They were given 20 minutes to complete the challenge and no googling was allowed! Yesterday, during our ambassador’s meeting, the results were marked.
Well done to Year 2 who achieved the most points and have won an extra 20 class reward points . All of the children across school will also receive a dojo point for taking part.
Perhaps you could play this game at home and see how many different varieties of food you can come up with. Have fun. 

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