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Online safety

Online safety

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If you have any worries or concerns that you have experienced online and you would like to report, please fill in the details below. This can be done anonymously, however if you would like personalised support, please include your name. We are here to help.

Online Safety Newsletter 

Cyber Choices- The National Crime Agency

According to The National Crime Agency, some young people are vulnerable to becoming involved in cyber crime or have already committed offences.
They may be motivated by a desire to challenge their skills, boredom or a lack of understanding of the law and the consequences of breaking it. They may be illegally hacking or using stressor services while gaming for example. The Cyber Choices team want to prevent this through the education of young people.


Please take a look at the leaflet below to gain more insight into this and visit their website for more information targeted towards supporting parents/carers with this: Cyber Choices - National Crime Agency



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