i-Vengers 20021-2022


 We all have our part to play in making the online environment a safer, better place for young explorers.

Meet Our i-vengers

Task 1

This week we wanted the chosen i-vengers to introduce the concept of i-vengers to the rest of the school and ensure that all the students and staff know where to go in school if they need any help or advice

Task 2

In this task we want to share our top tips for staying safe online. 

Task 3

 We have been conducting some questionnaires at school to find out what exactly the children enjoy using the internet for. It is always very interesting not only to see what the children are doing online, but also why they like doing this. We would also be very interested to see this from a parents point of view and also gain insight into what online safety methods you use at home. Please fill out this questionnaire so we can see what are the most useful parental controls at home and share these with other parents:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18y2LptFexJm4oBnsrCNflEbBYoRkdeqlPLqmoxHG8zM/viewform?edit_requested=true#responses

We will share the findings from these questionnaires in the next few weeks.