Statement of Intent – The English Curriculum at Barlborough

An appreciation of high quality literature underpins the English curriculum at Barlborough Primary School. We have a key text map which ensures that there is no repetition of texts on a child’s journey through school, ensuring that each pupil is exposed to a wide breadth of stories, books and novels. The National Curriculum objectives are taught through a bespoke collection of units across the Key Stages, drawing on elements and techniques from various sources. In Reception and KS1, children are exposed to the more visual components of Talk 4 Writing (text mapping, story actions, etc) whereas in KS2, teachers will adopt the approaches of The Writing Project (Super 6, longer planning phases, etc). By the time they leave KS2, children will have had valuable exposure to at least 30 high quality works of literature, including picture books, poetry and non-fiction. The careful selection of texts introduces pupils to cultural diversities, develops their ability to empathise with others and promotes curiosity. The English skills of reading and writing are carefully woven into the wider curriculum. Project based learning outcomes, in particular, provide ample opportunities for children to apply these skills through forms such as scientific enquiries, speeches, non-fiction report writing and various other creative outcomes.