Information For New Starters


New Reception - September 2022

Please see below the link to the School Admission form 2022-2023 for all new reception children starting in school in September 2023.

Transition Picnics

Dear Parents/Carers 

In order to help our children be ready for the autumn term, we are hoping to host some transition picnics on the field on Monday 20th July and Tuesday 21st July for children who will be at our school in September . These are optional but give your child the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with their new teacher prior to September. Social distancing will be encouraged.

At the moment the plans are only provisional and will also be weather dependent. Can all parents/carers please complete the questionnaire on the following link so that we know what numbers we are working with. More details will be made available once we know the picnics are definitely going ahead. Please note that if your child is due to start in Reception then you will need to attend the picnic with your child.

If you have more than one child that will be at our school in September then you will need to do a separate questionnaire for each one.

Many thanks

Transition Videos

Introduction Video

Please find below the link to the introduction video for your child starting in September 2020

Story Time for Transition

As the children are not getting to spend any time in their new classroom for transition periods as originally planned, Miss Jolly has created these videos to watch with your children so that they can become a little more familiar with her, as well as some of the rules and routines of school life that they will experience which are highlighted in the stories. 

Mouse Club

'‘Mouse Club’ is a project designed to help the children develop a range of skills in a fun way, as well as make the transition into school settings a positive experience. Each child will be given a mouse to look after and become their school companion. There will be many opportunities for the children to personalise their mice during the first few weeks of school to give them real ownership of them. This will include naming them, making houses for them and including them in their learning. You could start some of these things at home too. We are also hoping to host some Mouse Club events in the future, where we will welcome parents and carers into school for some mouse filled fun.

The children will be expected to bring in their mouse to school everyday from September and we will be having a full Mouse Club day on a Friday. 

Please see more information about this below as well as some activities and resources you can use at home to help develop skills that would be helpful for your child to start school with



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