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World War One Women

Mrs Whitfield spent a day with 34P, leading a drama workshop through which the children gained an insight into what it was like to sign up to fight in the First World War. The stories were based on episodes in the lives of real women (and their menfolk) who lived at the time. The children really enjoyed spending a whole day immersing themselves in activities which involved working as a team and a lot of speaking and listening. Mr Whitfield took the photos.

Our virtual trip to Holland

During moving up week, next year`s 4P took a virtual ferry across to the Netherlands. When they arrived in Amsterdam, they produced some art work inspired by the colourful photos of the tulip fields and learnt how selling tulips earns money for the Dutch. They discovered that, on average, the Dutch are the tallest nation in the world, and measured their own heights to find the median average height of the class. Using an excellent website, they paid a visit to Anne Frank`s Secret Annexe, explored episodes from Anne`s diary through drama and asked Anne questions about her  life in hiding. The climax of the week was undoubtedly building this, low lying, country out of sand then seeing how long it took for the sea to make their sandcastle collapse!

National Coal Mining Museum Trip


Growing Sunflowers for Science


New Topic: Underground Tour


Reading Morning


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