Young Voices 2020

Horse Riding Lessons at the Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre:

Some of the children in Year 4 and Year 5 have enjoyed their very first session at the Coloured Cob Equestrian Centre in Creswell.  During their hour long visit, they had the opportunity to groom Jack the horse using the correct brushes for the different body parts and also take a ride on their very own designated horse.  The children are looking forward to two more sessions there and are hoping  to gain further experience with horse management and to go on longer rides.

Diwali Day

This year we had a whole day to celebrate Diwali day! Children learnt the story behind Diwali and how people celebrate, we also made diva lamps, firework pictures and had a visitor in school! The guest ran a workshop that every child took part in which was very informative and looked at the Hindu traditions. 

The year 5 children went to visit our link school, Belgrave St. Peters, to catch up with their friends and to do some Diwali work together. Afterwards, they went to the Golden Mile in Leicester to join in with the Diwali day celebrations!

Dearne Valley Trip June 2017

Young Voices in Sheffield

Last week, pupils from our school took part in the RHS Rocket Science national project and planted some very special rocket seedsu2026.

Why are the rocket seeds special?

Two kilograms of rocket salad leaf seeds were launched on Soyuz 44S on 02 September 2015 with European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Andreas Mogensen and his crew, arriving on the International Space Station (ISS) two days later. British ESA astronaut Tim Peake took charge of the seeds while on the ISS for his Principia mission. After being held for about six months in microgravity, the seeds were returned to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly, in March 2016.

Why are we doing this project?

Scientists hope that by collecting such a large data sample they will be able to further understand how factors such as zero gravity and the lack of micro-organisms in the soil, air and water affect plant growth and development. That will, in turn, help them identify which crops will be the best to grow in a “space garden”, providing a sustainable source of food for astronauts.


Are we the only school growing the rocket seeds?

NO! About 10,000 schools across the UK are participating in the project. We were all been sent a red packet of seeds and a blue packet of seeds. One packet has been into space and the other one hasn’t, and we don’t know which one is which! We planted 4 trays of blue seeds and 4 trays of blue. If you look through the window of 5B’s classroom, you will be able to see them growing nicely on the sunny windowsill. As part of their Science topic, 5B are responsible for watering and measuring their growth. Look how much they have grown since last week!

Will we find out which seeds went into Space?

At the end of the 6 weeks, we are going to submit our results from our chart onto a national database. Scientists are going to analyse the data and then finally reveal whether the blue or red seeds went into space. Have a look at how the seeds are growing; which trays do you think went into Space? Why?  

Can we eat the rocket at the end?

Unfortunately we are not allowed to! But you could grow your own rocket at home very easy, visit the RHS website for tips on how to grow your own and delicious rocket recipes. . If you manage to grow your own, we would love to see your green-fingered efforts so email any photos in.  

Happy growing! 

Bolsover choir festival

The school choir took part in the Bolsovler Choir Festival at Heritage High School in June.  They sang Rather Be by Clean Bandit and When I grow up from Matilda.  There weren't many of them but they sang so well and Mrs Biggin was very proud of them all.  They did our school proud. Well done!

Voyage en France

Children in Year 6 went on a four day residential to France.  We had a great time learning about French culture as well as visiting some famous landmarks.

Derbyshire smart travel week

The children enjoyed taking part in Derbyshire Travel Smart week in May 2015. During this week the children were encouraged to travel to school smartly including walking, scooting, car sharing and park and stride. The children found the dinosaur theme particularly interesting and had a great time participating in our school ‘Dinosaur Day’.

Congratulations to 4P for getting the most travel smart points this week!

A fun day making soft toys

Class 6H created their own soft toys - planning, designing and making!

Puzzle Day

On the 20th October 2014 the whole school enjoyed participating in workshops with the Happy Puzzle Company.  These workshops enabled the children to participate in a wide range of challenges whilst developing numerous skills we consider essential for learning.  These included team work, perseverance, problem solving and communication.  We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and as a result we will be holding puzzle clubs for both Key Stage 1 and 2.