Gallery of Club and Events

Year 6 pupils become Bike-able

The children in year 6 have just started their Bikeability training.

(I think we used to call it Cycling Proficiency.) Hopefully, this should give them the confidence to  cycle to school in the future and give their parents peace of mind!

FC Barcelona thrash Sheffield!

This half term, we have been learning about the cities of Barcelona and Sheffield in Geography lessons. To launch the topic, we staged a football tournament between Sheffield and Barcelona. In these photos you can see members of the Masterminds, the High Flying Owls and The Wise Warriors enjoying themselves playing their matches or doing a spot of cheerleading to support their team. Predictably, FC Barcelona won- not surprising when Messi was on the team!

Space Club

We’ve had lots of fun during Space club this term and have found out so much!

We began by exploring rockets and carried out an investigation outside to launch canisters using water, Alker Seltzer and vitamin C tablets as fuel. We investigated which combination worked the best. Did you know that rockets need so much fuel in order to overcome Earth’s gravity? Only when they reach a speed of 28 000 km/h are they travelling fast enough to enter orbit. 

To find out about the Solar System, we were lucky enough to have a visit of local astronomer, Dennis Ashton. His interactive presentation helped us to learn more about our Solar System and the 3D glasses helped us to visualise the different planets, the sun and the moon.  We also enjoyed building a planet to see if it would survive in our Solar System.

Did you know? Ancient people were afraid of comets – they were said to bring bad luck or foretell disaster. We now know that comets are small ice worlds that have been left over from the formation of the planets. We enjoyed finding out about Rosetta’s mission to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko then used plastercine to build a model of Rosetta and its lander, Philae.

We also simulated a meteor strike using marbles, flour and cocoa powder. This helped us to see different craters that could be potentially created if metoers were to hit our planet. Did you know a famous meteor crater in Arizona was created when a 50 meter across Asteroid hit the earth? The crater it left behind is about 1.2 km’s across. That's like 2.2 million tonnes of TNT going off all at once!

We ran the after school for all of our budding scientists and astronauts in Years 4 & 5. 

Sheffield Sharks Basketball Match

In October a group of 10 Yr 5 children got to watch a Sheffield Sharks Basketball Match at the Institute of Sport. They also got to compete in their own mini game against another school during half time and meet and have photos taken with the players! It was a fun night and a great experience for the children. 

Cricket Club

A-Team Fitness Club

Our new A TEAM FITNESS club has been well attended and the children have been having great fun taking part in challenges such as the obstacle course and tug-of-war plus learning survival techniques such as shelter building and navigation.

Gym Club

Street Dance Club


Our Year 6 children took part in the ‘Bikeability’ programme in October (cycling proficiency). The children were taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys, how to make a u turn, how to signal their intentions to other road users and how to use the Highway Code. They all received their level 2 Bikeability award. Well done to all the children involved.

Heritage Sports Festival For Yr 2′s

On Wednesday 8th October all our Year 2′s took part in a Multi Sport Festival at Heritage! The children participated in lots of different activities led by the Heritage young leaders. Lots of fun was had by all.

Mini Leaders

To keep our children active at lunchtime our Yr 5&6 mini leaders set up fun activities for the younger children to come and join in with. Here they are in training!