Class 4P

Ni Hao! (That`s Hallo! in Chinese)

During Transition Week , Miss Parsons` new class got together for the first time. All the classes have been doing some Global Education. 4/5P have been learning about how China and the UK are linked by trade. They found out that Chinese people partly own the  factory that makes Weetabix  and thought about what their money would be used to buy! They enjoyed making and eating Weetabuddies.

Hong-Kong has the highest number of high- rise buildings in the world so the class played a co-operative team game in which they had to build the highest  possible structure using only newspaper, string, sticks and sellotape. It is amazing how strong paper can be when you roll it up!

They also heard a traditional Chinese tale about chopsticks and played another game in which they had to work together to eat popcorn.

The class learnt about China`s one child policy and wrote balanced arguments giving the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child.

Life in the Golden Age of the Islamic Empire

During this half term, 4P have been learning about the amazing discoveries and achievements of Muslims who lived in the Islamic empire around the year 900AD . The Empire covered modern day Iraq, Syria Spain and parts of Turkey. This photo was taken after they had learnt about how they had hospitals and pharmacies .Tom is having a rather painful operation- we aren`t sure whether they used anaesthetics in those days!


4P had a chance to handle all kinds of rare animals when the Zoolab came to Barlborough. Snakes,  a rat with her babies….I`m sure they would all like one of them as pets…

Summer 2 Newsletter

Dear parents/carers,

We have a long half term ahead with plenty of activities to fill it.

Our History topic this half term is completely new-we will be finding out about the Islamic empire which existed around Baghdad about a thousand years ago. I`ve been doing some research and finding out some fascinating facts!  More details can be found on the back of this letter. 

This week, Zoolab are visiting school and next week is My Money Week. This is the week when the children think about how we can manage money sensibly and learn to budget. I've planned some activities for Maths lessons so that the children explore this subject. At the end of the week on Sat 13th June, the Summer Fayre takes place. The children have been asked to think of something we can make in class to raise money at the fayre. 

During this half term the children will undertake a programme of relationships and sex education. This year lessons are scheduled to begin on Monday 22nd June and will commence over a two week period. The sessions will be relevant to the age and maturity of the children and will be taught by teachers in school. The programme includes life cycles, the human body, family life and relationships and trust.  If you would like to see the materials that will be used in the sessions or discuss any of the content, please contact your child’s class teacher to arrange a convenient time.

You have the right to withdraw your child from sex education but please ensure you are familiar with the content of the programme before deciding to do this.

The week starting 6.7.15  will be Transition Week when the children visit their new classes for a week. We will let you know their new teacher in good time.

I enclose this half term`s reading targets.

Miss Parsons

Reading targets

could even

Understand the origins of the Arabian Nights


Can pick out the main points of a tale and summarise them ready to tell the tale to younger children.


Can identify the typical way in which the tales are told- is this the same as in other traditional tales?


Give their opinion on whether they think the Tales from The Arabian Nights are exciting stories and whether they like this type of story.


Other subjects


multiplication and division method and problems

budgeting –My Money Week

fractions-equal fractions, fractions of sets, decimal equivalence

statistics- continuous and discreet data

shape –Islamic designs



living things and habitats


creativity- pattern making


The Arab World

Discovering Islamic civilisation around 900AD


Islamic design- block printing


athletics,  cricket ,tennis


Writing a simple animal story using action verbs and noun phrases

telling it to year 3


pilgrimage – The Muslim  Hajj and Sikh pilgrimage to Amritsar


Relationships and Sex education

Science targets

Can I group living things in different ways?

Can I use classification keys to group, identify and name living things?

Can I create classification keys to group, identify and name living things (for others to use)?

Can I describe how changes to an environment could endanger living things?

Bear Grylls takes Assembly

We put on a class assembly for our parents all about our trip to the Heights of Abraham. Of course, Bear Grylls couldn't resist the opportunity to turn the trip up in the cable cars into a Mission Survive challenge. Fortunately, all of the children passed the test and reached the top safely. We also showed our art work - landscape paintings of Matlock Bath using simple principles of perspective .

Who goes on a pilgrimage?

We do, by the look of things. All the members of the class decided on somewhere where they would go on a very special journey, involving a lot of preparation, time and expense. They brought in clothes and other items needed for the trip and took part in a drama lesson. This introduced the idea of special journeys called pilgrimages. This half term we learnt about some Christians who recently made a pilgrimage from Chester Cathedral to Lichfield Cathedral. Next half term, we will be learning about how Sikhs go on pilgrimage to the Golden Temple at Amritsar.

The Heights of Abraham

Our Lower Junior trip to the Heights of Abraham in Matlock Bath formed part of our Geography topic on how Matlock Bath became one of the oldest tourist attractions in the UK. We all went up in the cable car  then down in the caverns. There was just time for a visit to the gift shop before we descended back down in the cable cars .

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To celebrate St George`s Day this year, each class took part in an activity to celebrate British values. 4P  discussed the  importance of recycling and designed some posters to inform and persuade people to remember the 3Rs- reduce, reuse ,recycle.

What's on this more detail

Reading targets  Summer 1 2015

could even

identify main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph and summarise these


understand how the author has written  the text to create that response.


understand how the author wants the reader to respond( what reaction the author is trying to elicit from the reader.)


Understand what the writer might be thinking (their point of view.)


Science targets


Can I compare and group rocks based on their appearance and physical properties, giving a reason?

Can I describe how fossils are formed?

Can I describe how soil is made?

Can I describe and explain the difference between sedimentary and igneous rock?


Our topics this half term


Comprehension practice- focusing on targets above

Write a commentary about the adventures of Class 4P at the Heights of Abraham!

Play script- based on The Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler


Place value

Multiplying /dividing by 10, 100 ,1000 and application to

Conversion of measures          Decimals

Revise/ teach formal addition  and subtraction THTU

Using number lines    Problem solving – addition and subtraction 



Rocks and soils


A local study of why Matlock Bath is a tourist destination


Landscape drawing and perspective


Why is the Qur`an so important for Muslims today?


Painting with Sound 



Quick Sticks (Hockey)


Does money make you happy?


Female animal names


Powerful verbs

Agreement of adjectives

Writing short sentences



Summer letter 1

Dear parents/carers,

I hope you all had a good Easter break. It was great to see so many of you at the performances of our play and at the end of term quiz. I hope you enjoyed both. We certainly enjoyed putting them on for you! Now, it`s time to tell you what will be happening in Class 4P in the coming half term.

Next week, on Thurs 23rd April, we will be going on our trip to The Heights of Abraham. Please would you return any outstanding permission slips this week. Just a reminder - the children will need to come in school uniform, but may wear trousers. No jeans, please, as they become very wet and cold if it rains. The children will need warm and waterproof outdoor clothes and suitable shoes. They should bring a packed lunch, mid- morning snack and a drink and may have £5 maximum to spend. If your child is entitled to free school meals and you would like us to provide a packed lunch, could you let the office know this week.

The trip introduces our Geography topic about how Matlock Bath became a tourist attraction and the effects on the town. You can find more details of the work we will be covering across the curriculum on the back of this letter along with your child`s new reading and science targets. We are also starting a new system of individual writing targets this term which you will hear more about in due course.

On Thursday afternoon of 21st May at 2.15pm, classes 4P and RG  will be presenting their class assemblies in the village hall. We do hope you will be able to join us.

Finally, thanks for all the cereal boxes .Please keep them coming – I will need more next week. If anyone knows where I can get hold of larger pieces of free cardboard, would you let me know!


Olympic gymnasts

Olivia came into school last term to teach the class some new skills using our new apparatus. During the final lesson, the children practiced balances together.

Rotten Romans!

Class 4P have been learning all about the Romans and how they managed to conquer Britain so effectively.

To begin their topic, they staged the Battle of Maiden Castle, in which the Celts threw down rocks on the Roman soldiers from their hill fort and the Romans used their ballistas (machines like catapults that fired rocks). The Celts won our battle,but, needless to say , the Romans won the real version. Members of the class brought in some very attractive and sturdy Roman shields that they had made during the half term holiday. They demonstrated how to make a "tortoise" shield wall. 

Be Smart

We took part in Safer Internet Day, on which the class learnt all about how to stay safe online through watching the excellent video, Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew. They were then given the challenge of working in small groups to present what they had learnt in some way. Working together and being creative are two of the Big 13 skills the children are encouraged to practise throughout the curriculum. The children put on plays, sang songs and made board games. They certainly learnt a lot about E-safety.

Sam and Sammy`s Shammy Double Whammy

You have to say the title of the Lower Junior production very slowly indeed! We all had a huge amount of fun putting on this play with a very important message -we need to stand up to bullies and Start Telling and Reporting Trouble.

Sam and Sammy, accompanied by their trusted friend Milly, were teleported to the land of Garlandia to save its inhabitants from a very unpleasant character named Gok. They came home to deal with some playground bullies of their own.

Year 4 did an amazing job of learning pages of script, speaking loudly and clearly and doing some great acting into the bargain. The dancers danced the Shammy Shimmy and the year 3 children supported us with some wonderful singing.

Spring2 2015 Letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

I`m writing to let you know about events in the forthcoming half term .

You will find details of the curriculum next half term on the back of this letter. We will also be busy practising for our play “Sam and Sammy`s Shammy Double Whammy “.  Just before half term, you received a letter about reserving tickets for the two performances on Weds 11 March at 2.30pm and Thurs 12 March at 11 am. I would be grateful if you would help your child learn their lines and find a costume for the play. With this letter, I have enclosed a list of costume suggestions.

Another date to put in your diary is Thurs 26th March at 2.45pm when we invite you to come and see what the children have been learning about the Romans.

Below are details of your child`s science targets and reading targets and some suggestions about questions you can ask them when you hear them read. I have several helpers who come in to hear children read in school but we also encourage the children to read to you at home. There are no Maths targets as we are trying a new system of giving the children targets to stick in their books at the start of every unit.


Reading targets

Could even

Can make predictions about how the plot will develop with evidence from the text and from other similar stories that they have read.


Can put together clues from action, dialogue and description to work out what is happening in a story and how the characters are behaving.


Justify their  inferences ( reading between the lines) and predictions with evidence from text


Empathise with a  character (put themselves in the shoes of the character)

Science targets

  • identify the different types of teeth in humans and their functions.
  • describe the functions of the organs in the human digestive system
  • use food chains to identify producers, predators and prey

4P Spring 2 Topics

Our topics this term are:

  • Writing an information poster about the Romans
  • Writing a modern version of a fairy tale

Download more information here:

4P Go Exploring

4P have been taking part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities during PE lessons this half term. They learnt to use a large scale map of Barlborough when they went  on a treasure trail around the village. They also took part in team building activities. In the photos, you can see them organising themselves into alphabetical order on a bench without falling off and making "human words."

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Our topic all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age has proved very interesting, particularly our visit to Creswell Crags. We met a cavewoman who didn`t seem to know much about metal, shopping or mobile phones but kindly showed us round her cave.

We tried out Stone Age survival skills - building a shelter, making a spark and spear throwing. In our third workshop, we did some Science experiments with rocks and soils.Our topic has also included weaving with paper and recycled materials.