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Our Summer Newsletter

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Visit to Dobbies

All the Reception children walked to Dobbies. When we got there we found out about how vegetables grow from tiny seeds and we tasted some celery and cucumber too. We smelt vegetables as well, not many people liked the smell of leeks!. Then we had to put on an apron and some gloves and we planted some lettuce seed. We are going to take the pots home and see who can grow the biggest lettuces. Denise gave us some stickers and a certificate and said we were much better behaved than the bigger children who visit her.
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Geography Topic - Our Local Area

The Year 1’s have been studying the local area as part of their Geography topic. They have walked around the village to find out where the buses stop and then marked them on a map in their books.

They discovered that there were 3 different number buses that went through the village, the 77, 53 and 73. The children then went in small groups, just before the bus arrived at our nearest stops throughout one day, and asked people who were getting on and off the bus where they were going, for what purpose and how long it would take. Ask your child what we found out!


It soon became clear that the topic would not be complete unless the children could actually get on a bus, so we arranged for them to catch the bus to Clowne library one afternoon. The children soon found out that buses do not always run on time, even if it is hailing! The children were very excited to travel on the bus, for many it was a first time experience.

When we arrived at the library Joan and Julie were very kind and had already got lots of transport books and colouring pictures out for us. They read us a story too! I think it will have taken them a long time to return all the books to the correct shelves once we had left. Thank-you to them, the children will be writing a letter to them soon!

World Book Day

Lots of the children in R1S made potato book characters for World Book Day. We clearly have many imaginative parents as well as their children – well done everyone! The children talked about their character and we enjoyed the story books you sent too. They then voted for their favourite character, the tally result was very close. I am glad I didn’t have to choose a winner! Well done to Cobie, the winner of the chocolate mini eggs.

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Mrs Sharpe brought her tortoise for us to look at and draw.


Come and see the pictures we drew and ask us what we learned about tortoises.

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